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Lorenzo Neroni, Ruthless Venetian Magistrate

As this project slowly continues, every now and then I’ll gladly release a little teaser. Here is the text to accompany one of Johnny Shumate’s brilliant colour character pieces, of a potential nemesis, albeit an honourable one… Lorenzo Neroni, Ruthless … Continue reading

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1510: all at sea

The great naval powers of the Mediterranean are Venice and the Ottoman Empire, followed by Genoa, Naples, Spain and the pirates of the Moslem Barbary Coast and the Christian Knights of St John in Malta. Florence has never been a … Continue reading

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Sample Character Template: the Bravo

From time to time, I’ll post snippets and samples from the manuscript, as it develops… The Bravo “Are you looking at me, ser? Stand aside lest I carve you like the Sunday roast!” You are a hired thug; maybe you are … Continue reading

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1510 at Continuum 2012

Continuum is one of my two all-time favorite British gaming conventions (the other is Furnace, a smaller, very friendly event in a former jail!) and I’ll be there as one of the guests of honor, which is indeed a honor given … Continue reading

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Dragnet in Florence

Renaissance cities were generally small by our standards, but large enough that it was possible to hide in them after committing a crime – but if the authorities really wanted to find you then eventually they would. After all, too … Continue reading

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Dante Alighieri: poet, exile…ass-kicking vampire slayer

I see the ‘fantasy’ element of 1510 being rooted in its clockpunk and the consequent knock-on effects on the Renaissance, so don’t plan to use this idea, but it did tickle me. I chose 1510 as the default period because … Continue reading

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