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Running 1510 at Continuum (UK gaming con, 20-23 July)

Continuum, a regular gaming convention held in Leeds, is my favourite such gathering and I’m delighted to be able to attend again this year. I’ll be running more than one game overall across the weekend, but the first I have … Continue reading

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The Detector Lock

Here’s a fascinating 17th century lock that not only counts the number of times it has been opened, but also has multiple forms of locking and unlocking; I see no reason why, with the advent of clockpunk, this could not be … Continue reading

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Leonardo at the London Science Museum in 2016

Certainly a must-see for me, the Science Museum in London is holding a special exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius, from 10 February to 4 September next year. Here’s the announcement: Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius is … Continue reading

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“How Money and Politics Worked in 1519”

Nine years later than the 1510 setting, admittedly, and a few hundred miles to the north, but this intriguing — in ever sense — account from Atlas Obscura of how the German Fugger banking family tried to buy the Holy … Continue reading

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Lorenzo Neroni, Ruthless Venetian Magistrate

As this project slowly continues, every now and then I’ll gladly release a little teaser. Here is the text to accompany one of Johnny Shumate’s brilliant colour character pieces, of a potential nemesis, albeit an honourable one… Lorenzo Neroni, Ruthless … Continue reading

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‘Inside the Mind of Leonardo’

Just a quick note of this forthcoming 3D History channel film, with Peter Capaldi as Leonardo da Vinci, that explores his ideas, experiences and travails with his own words and with what looks like some very nifty animation, too. This … Continue reading

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Leonardo’s Viola Organista

It wasn’t just tanks, flying machines and siege engines. Da Vinci’s inventions also ran to a strange and novel musical instrument, the viola organista, that merged harpsichord and cello to be a keyboard instrument that sounds like strings, as spinning wheels … Continue reading

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