Lorenzo Neroni, Ruthless Venetian Magistrate

As this project slowly continues, every now and then I’ll gladly release a little teaser. Here is the text to accompany one of Johnny Shumate’s brilliant colour character pieces, of a potential nemesis, albeit an honourable one…

FalconeLorenzo Neroni, Ruthless Venetian Magistrate

Half secret policeman, half thief-catcher, Neroni understands the truth well, and it takes such an understanding to know how to make it dance and sing when the interests of the Venetian state demand it. As an adolescent, he watched his aristocratic family all but destroyed and his father forced to slash his wrists in appeasement, when lie after lie turned a petty infraction into a treasonous scandal. Since then, he has always rigidly told the truth, even if his brooding and mercurial intellect is well versed in the ways to shade and couch the truth to mislead. Perhaps in unconscious apology for his family, he is one of the most relentless and feared magistrates of the Venetian Inquisition, but while he will do whatever is necessary to protect the state, Neroni is also an honorable official, as willing to tackle corruption in the Grand Council as a backstreet murder. A man like that must be driven by restless inner demons and make many enemies, not that any turmoil or uncertainty makes it past his controlled exterior.

Man of the truth 7d, Perceptive investigator 7d, Ruthless 5d, Many an enemy 6d, Self-control 5d, I am an agent of the Venetian state 7d, Inner demons 6d

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